Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Christmas presents from Margo - Cheers Love!

T140s coming along nicely

Just the pipes to go.....

I sold 3 of my Bikes last year - regret every one!

Sold three of my bikes last year - I miss them all!

T140 chop tank

Thanks Nicolai - excellent Job!
Check out the Ornamental Conifer Website here!

Sarah's Seats

Sarah covered the seats for the T140 chop - lovely job!

RM workshop coming along

No more playing with bikes in the lounge then......

Pre Unit Project

The 500 Build Up

Got her finished and in Greasy Kulture Magazine - excellent!

Junk Magazine Shoot - Good Times!

Oh Yeah, then Billy tried bike surfing....FOOL!

India - Best Ride of my Life, RIP in Chris

2000km across south India on a Royal Enfield with great friends. We lost Chris to the road - he was an awesome chap, awesome rider and I am proud to have shared my trip with him. Rest In Peace buddy - you're are very much missed!