Tuesday, 5 June 2012

hmmmmm Car Drivers!

Going through some random old pics and found this, I nearly forgot what happens when you're sat at a roundabout minding your own, when some ******* idiot car driver is on the phone. This was last year, whilst heading to the NSRA show at billing aquadrome.....This years is next weekend, I'm hoping for better luck!

Billy's got a Knuck! - Gonna be skill fella, proper skill.

That's a patient missus you got there - See you in July chap!

1 down - lots more summer madness to go!

Retrograde Mechanica Artwork

John has been busy with his crayons again!

Etchings on Slate, Drawings, Paintings and Mosaics - Contact us for one off commissions.


Was a great day, apologies for the lack of racing shots, but the internet is littered with them.......they're out there!
And shaun, seriously give us a smile.....just the once!