Thursday, 12 September 2013

Stolen.....from the Corpses From Hell Blog

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Little things....

.......that make progress happen

Trying to mock up the rear end of the desert sled project, realised i couldn't do the rear guard until i had the seat in place, so a quick search on the bay of evil turned up a bates copy seat, then a dig around the parts supply gave me a pair of 2" springs (Benny I think you gave me these after you sent me the seat for the T100 - ta) so all that was left was a little lathe time to make some bungs for the mounts, quick hour, and then a seat bracket was needed - something simple that worked.
Full of gusto i started drawing up a quick, easy design to cut out of some steel i had laying around then when it got to the point of filing slots with a very blunted file my interest lapsed....thankfully I knew a great laser cutting place down the street and half an hour, and 30 quid later they gave me this, 3" stainless and 10th of a mm the rear end fab can begin, and its looks better in stainless than steel anyway.

Simple but affective, and you won't see it anyway!