Thursday, 12 July 2012

Gordon's Cave

Took a ride over to see Gordon last night, The guy is awesome and proper talented - makes you want to sit cross-legged and just listen to his stories. He has some awesome bikes - a real Aladdin's cave for petrol heads!

There's some great stories behind these bikes - The Velocette two-fifty used to power a saw bench, and does 60 in 1st!
The Black Matchless in background is our own Billy Whiz's old bobber (you know the one he falls off bike surfing back in Junk magazine issue 1)
The Sunbeam (I'm hankering after this bike) sat in a loft for 20 years, the list goes on

Just as I was leaving a great bloke (Mark) on a '93 enfield spotted my triumph out front and stopped for a chat, as it turns out he did the same India ride this year as I did last year and we have a number of friends in common, including Darryl who we both rode with - small world!