Thursday, 29 November 2012

The joy's of vintage

We're still rebuilding the triumph 500 engine, I guess what I've learnt is a good thing - but old engines even a 67 is always gonna be hard work - we found out this week; when we split the cases that the chain has obviously decided to go it's own way and put a nice big crack in the cases at some point in it's past, a thank you now go's to Glynn for welding it up - it may not be pretty but it can't be seen and it's strong.

It's been a year now since I changed up the 500 into the black and nickel bike - the bike that's caused me more hassle than any other (my first introduction to old bikes, so deservedly so, but gave me the best ride down to the hayride....and nearly made it home...nearly) and a year since I rode it last. But I love it more every day and it teaches me more with every problem I face. I'm not a mechanic, nor an engineer so I treat it as an education - what I've learned has kept my other triumph - the 750 bonneville,  rolling for the last 12 months so I can't complain, it's not like I don't get a ride!

A massive, huge and glorious thank you goes to Jack with helping me on the 3rd rebuild of this engine/gearbox, I'm glad we've finally done the right thing and done a ground up build rather than solving issue's as they come, Old bean, Thank You!!!!!!! I can't wait to ride it again with confidence, and when it happens it will be thanks to you!