Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Boarding Gear for Sale

Cleaning out the closet and selling some of my boarding gear off so put together a little complete package of awesomeness ready for your winter fun!

Contact me if you're interested!

Gorgeous near mint Ride D.S. Series 155cm (Excellent Park Board)
Cool as f*ck Ride SPI Bindings
Forum Boots size 8
Dakine Kit Bag
TSA Snowboard Sleeve

Open to offers

I love Stickers.......

No background just rub on the application paper and viola....Retrograde Mechanica in your life!

Available Soon, thanks for the printing Lee - Awesome!

Check out AsterPrint in Northampton for all your sticky needs!

Cl Progress

Made a number plate and a few more blanking caps and ribbed spacers on the Lathe and modified the bracket to fit the AHC taillight. Big thanks to Old STF cycle shop for their excellent service on getting me this quickly from the States.

Next job is to source some good-looking switchgear and splice them in

Seat's back Monday, then I might just paint that Tank and re-build the wheels!