Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Classic Bike

Love waking up to find the latest issue of CB on my doormat, day got even better with Rick dropping my name in his awesome Rick's Fixes column!

Some great articles this month (Yep I've read it all already) - love the guy with over 100 Bultacos, go check it out!

Thanks Rick, and thank you for all your advice....bring on the pre war machine!

Autumn Ride to the Caff

Some nice bikes out as always...and love the shell suit on the guy checking out my Bonnie Chop


Nipped down to see Dick and Dell and picked up a Killer NOS Wassel Banana tank for the '58 Desert Sled project and some ace Starburst rocker caps.

Also got my first lot of Stove Enamel back from Darren at Perfect Paint & Powder so got the forks loosely together and they look Ace! can't wait to get the frame done now (its not staying blue) when I've finished modifying it!

Random Garage Shots

Garden Art

Found a matching '35 Ladies Raleigh to my '35 Gents tourer.....a little beyond easy restoration perhaps, but with a basket and some flowers it'll make killer garden art!

Vintage Motorcross for £1.48.....

......as won on ebay - I couldn't resist!

Cotswolds Transport Museum

Had a weekend in the 'Wolds, so it'd be rude to have not visited - Cool little place, and I do love sitting on a tractor!