Saturday, 16 June 2012


Darryl stopped by tonight - few to many beers, little Rock n Roll band at the lamp, no photo's...he left me with this before passing out in the spare room.....I'll let ya off being as you've only grabbed a room to hit moto GP at silverstone tomorrow.......All, i'm saying mate is we're a long way from india and you have a goatee - love ya

Snake Eyes French Fries

Found on the awesome El Solitario via Kingdom of Kicks - it ain't like this round 'ere!

Big John....

Has some serious tackle, Scotts, BSA's, Triumphs and a fine stable of race Matchless G50's, Ducatis, Aeromachi's and Suzuki super 6's....apologies for the bad photo's - lighting was terrible..... looking forward to watching ya throw the G50 round the track at Mallory fella, and thanks for all your help of late!


One not to be missed! - 14th - 15th July at the Pod.

Olney Motorama

Great little show in the village last weekend