Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Mutt - The coolest 125 money can buy

Benny's been busy creating the coolest 125 available on the market today.

The Mutt is a brand new Boneshaker Choppers production bike and comes with 2 year warranty, fully registered on a new plate and even a full tank of Go-Juice to boot!

Based around a bullet proof 4 stroke GN motor made under licence from Suzuki, you get a maintenance free, kick ass cool scoot - perfect for commuting and learners alike.

Seriously - what else is there on the market you can jump on and be this instantly cool?

Built by guys with true passion and skill - go get yours now, for the bargain price of just £2900!!!! yep that's cheaper than most factory bikes out of the showroom with a hell of a lot more kudos on the street!

Get in touch with the boys on 01562 730429 or 07913 325297
Check out further details HERE, full Website to follow shortly.