Monday, 27 August 2012


....and ready for de-lugging and welding - both should be a lot more fun than the 4 hours spent with paint stripper and scotchbrites!

Nice Guzzi Down the Caff

Took a ride out yesterday on the scrambler with Margo - spotted this pretty little Guzzi.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Nice Tracker on the Bay of Fools

On Ebay right now - nice!

Like a disease......

Bicycle infatuation has properly kicked in after the visit to Bill's place, so a quick bid on the bay of fools landed this little cheapo, already stripped ready to be turned into something special.....

Friday, 24 August 2012

Ministry of Bicycles

Headed over to Bill's (of Bomberdrome fame) place on the Raleigh this afternoon.......still lost for words, kinda like heaven for the bicycle obsessed - check out what's going on here!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Triumph Update - and a Question....

So the 500 engine is all torn down (no pics as at Jack's - and again huge thanks to him for all his work), curly alloy swarf has been found and a scored up bush....not sure what's caused it yet but it's certainly having a re-grind new bush, shells and bearings!

Anyway as for the question - I'm running an open primary - does anyone know how the seal on the end of the crank works - does it stop oil both ways or just one? I'm planning on swapping to belt drive so any advice gratefully received - email to the usual address.

Cheers and Beers!


All shaken down and looking pretty!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

CL Progress

Seats Back, Thanks Sarah, lovely job as always!

Home From Home....

Our salubrious home away from home this weekend in the lincolnshire countryside, complete with free roaming farmyard, a pair of vintage Raleigh's to ride and the owner had a lovely Sunbeam!

There was even a cat to make it just like home, only with beautiful scenery and the most random pub complete with makeshift outdoor swimming pool, beach bar and a fine collection 80's tunes to rock out too.......Billy Ocean included!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Boarding Gear for Sale

Cleaning out the closet and selling some of my boarding gear off so put together a little complete package of awesomeness ready for your winter fun!

Contact me if you're interested!

Gorgeous near mint Ride D.S. Series 155cm (Excellent Park Board)
Cool as f*ck Ride SPI Bindings
Forum Boots size 8
Dakine Kit Bag
TSA Snowboard Sleeve

Open to offers

I love Stickers.......

No background just rub on the application paper and viola....Retrograde Mechanica in your life!

Available Soon, thanks for the printing Lee - Awesome!

Check out AsterPrint in Northampton for all your sticky needs!

Cl Progress

Made a number plate and a few more blanking caps and ribbed spacers on the Lathe and modified the bracket to fit the AHC taillight. Big thanks to Old STF cycle shop for their excellent service on getting me this quickly from the States.

Next job is to source some good-looking switchgear and splice them in

Seat's back Monday, then I might just paint that Tank and re-build the wheels!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The way things were......My Triumph T100c

Not so long a go (like two years) I knew nothing about old british bikes, I knew I loved them, but I knew nothing about the mechanics, nothing about the soul, the character or the undeniably inconsistency of them. Nor ( I'm most ashamed to admit) the friendship you undoubtedly obtain from owning such things.

I'm currently as excited as a teenager about to engage on his first lay, just because of the prospect of having my 500 back on the road, and this is all thanks to Jack - a great bloke who saw someone in need and decided to help a chap out and delve into my engine!

When I bought this bike, I bought it from someone who I now consider a friend, an influential and talented man, but I didn't get it - the bike had a few issues sure (not his fault), and it was certainly on the money, but i didn't get it, it's taken time to understand.

But it's what I didn't pay for that counts and that's the journey it's since taken me on - there's nothing left apart from the crank cases, barrel and rockers, the front loop, the tank and the hubs.....and that's what taught me to be able to build and for the most part, look after my bikes. and for that I am eternally grateful to him.

I love the fact Guy shot it for Greasy Kulture Magazine non running but looking cool, I love the fact I changed up the Bonnie with no fear thanks to the experience I gained with the 500; and I love the fact that I'm like a kid on christmas eve waiting to ride it again - the bonnie's ace, but my heart lies with the 500!

You've all seen the pics of the 500 done (and I'm bound to post more when it's roaring again), it's black and nickel and pretty and it's the affection inside of me - so here's one when I first got it (and fucked with it a little).

There may not be a lot of it left but damn it was cool and I loved it!

Monday, 13 August 2012

The Silent Grey

Found this great video on the Kim Boyle's blog - awesome!

ODYN VOVK SS13 "the silent grey" from ODYN VOVK on Vimeo.


I need a good single phase metal working Lathe, not too big, yet not too small before I get outcast by my friends for intruding on their quiet time and using theirs.......If you've got one for sale please get in contact


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday Ridin'

Had a grand Sunday Riding the Bonneville Chop with Terry (red pre-unit rigid) and Jack (T110).
Hit Jacks Hill Cafe and found a lovely Francis Barnett (Check out that speedo drive!) and then headed off for a ride to Thornby where that cool Laverda was - owned by a nice guy by the name of Mike, nice AJS there too!