Thursday, 5 September 2013

its time......

to be building a bike for my godson, as seen here on my brothers R75/5

For Sale

Lots of Triumph engine and Chassis bits for sale at mo...first few, email or call on 07854116505

T110 650 8 stud Head, excellent shape - freshly vapour blasted and skimmed.

Does have the usual minor 8 stud cracks - these do not affect the head. will require valves, springs and seats doing.

T110 650 Triumph Single Carb Manifold. Good used manifold - I can Vapour Blast for cost.

Amal Monobloc - Good used carb - I can vapour blast and re-plate nuts and bolts etc for cost.

Triumph 650 8 Stud Iron Barrel - Appears to be on +40 Bore, requires tappet blocks plating, blasting and painting and a light hone - again will do all for cost. All fins are in great condition.

I also have the following coming up for sale - contact for interest.

Triumph/BSA DQ complete wheel in good condition, laced to 19 inch chrome wheel with SS spokes
Triumph 8 Stud rocker boxes - no internals, will be vapour blasted prior to sale
Triumph 7" SLS complete wheel  - needs work, silly cheap
BSA Hornet Fibre Glass tank
Chrome speedway handlebars
Avon Speedmaster rear as new 16x5.00
Avon Speedmaster rear as new 19x3.50
Avon Speedmaster front's x2 barely used 19x3.00