Thursday, 29 August 2013

G80 Love - wanted

After an early G80 - gotta be rigid, doesn't have to be the competition model (It's gonna be changed to alloy barrel anyway)

If you or anyone you know has one - get in touch and let me try to prise it outta their hands.....

Since my baby left me.......

She's sold - gone to her new home!

Little sad - she'll be missed

Triton Thursday

Just the once......

Jacks got his Triton all up and running and looking pretty, this bike sounds lovely!

Terry's new ride!

Gonna be fuggin' awesome when it's built - this is how he picked it up, and knowing Terry it's gonna be a darn sight prettier soon!

Original Triumph Girder rigid running a 500 JAP engine on Dope and a huge GP Carb.

Love it!