Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The way things were......My Triumph T100c

Not so long a go (like two years) I knew nothing about old british bikes, I knew I loved them, but I knew nothing about the mechanics, nothing about the soul, the character or the undeniably inconsistency of them. Nor ( I'm most ashamed to admit) the friendship you undoubtedly obtain from owning such things.

I'm currently as excited as a teenager about to engage on his first lay, just because of the prospect of having my 500 back on the road, and this is all thanks to Jack - a great bloke who saw someone in need and decided to help a chap out and delve into my engine!

When I bought this bike, I bought it from someone who I now consider a friend, an influential and talented man, but I didn't get it - the bike had a few issues sure (not his fault), and it was certainly on the money, but i didn't get it, it's taken time to understand.

But it's what I didn't pay for that counts and that's the journey it's since taken me on - there's nothing left apart from the crank cases, barrel and rockers, the front loop, the tank and the hubs.....and that's what taught me to be able to build and for the most part, look after my bikes. and for that I am eternally grateful to him.

I love the fact Guy shot it for Greasy Kulture Magazine non running but looking cool, I love the fact I changed up the Bonnie with no fear thanks to the experience I gained with the 500; and I love the fact that I'm like a kid on christmas eve waiting to ride it again - the bonnie's ace, but my heart lies with the 500!

You've all seen the pics of the 500 done (and I'm bound to post more when it's roaring again), it's black and nickel and pretty and it's the affection inside of me - so here's one when I first got it (and fucked with it a little).

There may not be a lot of it left but damn it was cool and I loved it!