Saturday, 30 June 2012

Billy Whiz....

Is starting up a new Mag - Bigger, Better and more Killer! - Watch THIS space.
His awesome Kuncklehead is making progress too, someone's been a busy boy since moving Stateside!

Love ya dude - you still back in July?

Johns Guzzi

Some cool pics of John tooling around on his old V50

Friday, 29 June 2012

Fresh Faced

Found a pic of me on my old monster - must be 8 years ago, all fresh faced and tattoo free on a bike that started, went and stopped reliably with no leaks.... how times have changed.....

Thursday night rides..

Tom nipped over last night, fiddled with something on his 500 then we headed out to meet Shaun, good ride, great weather, good evening.


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Triumph and Goose Poo

Went for a ride with Terry last night, stopped for a fag, got violated by a big group of geese and swans and scared the crap out of a load starting the bike back up.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tom's 5ta

Tom's finished her up and looking killer.......look forward to seeing it in the flesh at Jacks on Friday mate!


Seems like so long since I was riding the 500.....can't wait to finally sort the engine once and for all!


My favourite blog of the moment...check it out here

Monday, 25 June 2012

For Sale....

Tyres, accumulating a few here, good or unused ones are 16x5.00 Speedmaster rear, 19x3.25 speedmaster, 19x3.50 front, 19x3.50 speedmaster rear, 19x3.50 Ensign trails front or rear, 18x4.00 Dunlop trials rear, plus a couple of part worn dual purpose that may be of some use to someone?

Email if you want any.....

Turned out nice......

Didn't ride but scrubbed up a couple of the bikes, three feet of crude on the bonnie took some doin'

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Triumphs and Raleighs

 Old Bicycles are just cool, both are now up and running....great for the pub


Are on the Honda,  run of the mill, overused, and frankly awesome! Lots to do on the Bike, still far too standard!

Saturday, 16 June 2012


Darryl stopped by tonight - few to many beers, little Rock n Roll band at the lamp, no photo's...he left me with this before passing out in the spare room.....I'll let ya off being as you've only grabbed a room to hit moto GP at silverstone tomorrow.......All, i'm saying mate is we're a long way from india and you have a goatee - love ya

Snake Eyes French Fries

Found on the awesome El Solitario via Kingdom of Kicks - it ain't like this round 'ere!

Big John....

Has some serious tackle, Scotts, BSA's, Triumphs and a fine stable of race Matchless G50's, Ducatis, Aeromachi's and Suzuki super 6's....apologies for the bad photo's - lighting was terrible..... looking forward to watching ya throw the G50 round the track at Mallory fella, and thanks for all your help of late!


One not to be missed! - 14th - 15th July at the Pod.

Olney Motorama

Great little show in the village last weekend