Thursday, 25 July 2013 bother?

Ha Fixed!..........5 speeds are a nightmare, but after some swearing and sweating she's better than ever!

Right spent hours on this now - got it indexing correctly, can get all 5 gears when stationary...can't get above 2nd under load - any one got any ideas?

It all started when it was dropping out of 5th into a false neutral, so a new cam plate went in........then could only get two apart again (several times) then got all 5 back....took it for  ride and can't get above new index plunger and spring went in....still the new springs went into the selectors....still the same.....tether has!

The Flat Tracker Project

58 Pre Unit with a 60 T110 Engine, bought for a just gotta turn it into something like Pitty Tink (See earlier post)....Hell Yeah!

Why i've bought it when the Bonnie Gearbox is still playing up I have no idea!